Thankful is much better than pushing for sales!




We've never had a Black Friday sale. 

It seems odd to say -- when every other big retailer does it.  Big deals at 40, 50% or even more.  Yet, with our small production, high-quality and long-lasting candles, we've never had a big margin, nor ever inflated the price simply to offer a deep discount.

So why a sale now? 

For one, we've just launched online this year! That, along with limited traveling and in-store shopping, we'd like to help our customers shop more easily and get the word out about our new online option. 

The online shopping will help offset the challenges, closures and limited staffing that we are now experiencing.

For the first time ever, we're offering a Thankful for You sale!  All you have to do is shop and enjoy the automatic 15% discount at checkout!


And... extra appreciation for sharing our website with a friend :)

Thank you for being one of our amazing customers!